Cloud Computing is Taking Over. Are You Prepared?

Risks and Rewards of Cloud Computing for Law Firms

According to the 2018 ILTA Survey, 69% of firms predict that their adoption of cloud technology will increase over the coming year. This makes good sense; when leveraged properly, this technology can act as a vehicle for increased security, productivity, morale, and ultimately revenue.

But the cloud is not without its risks. In fact, solutions intended to have such positive benefits can easily have precisely the opposite impact on your firm: increased vulnerability, downtime, and disengagement. Why? Many firms don’t yet know what it takes to truly set their newly-mobile workforces up for success.

Join Jim Turner (CEO, Hilltop Consultants) and Heinan Landa (CEO, Optimal Networks) in this live webinar to learn how the cloud has changed the way firms are working, what’s at stake in this new landscape, and what action you need to take in the near term to mitigate your risk.